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  SchoolOn Pty Ltd is an Internet based directory business focussed on the area of further education, particularly hobbies, sports, music, arts & crafts and special needs.

Our mission is to become Australia's best-known online directory for linking people to further education

Our goal is to develop the most comprehensive listing in Australia of schools/teachers/tutors/coaches/businesses and specialists that provide these educational services. It provides an exceptional resource tool to the end-user, primarily targeted at end-users who are just starting out on a new hobby or pursuit. With excellent depth of detail and searching facilities, allowing for quick, easy and successful selection of education providers. For the customers, an entry in SchoolsOn delivers significant incremental business and provides for online self-maintenance of data, ensuring information is always up-to-date, thereby improving enduser satisfaction.

To ensure SchoolsOn has focus in each area, the most intuitive and commonly used URL's have been registered. These will be used in all "directed advertising" to ensure a quick, natural and ongoing link back to the focus area, and in-turn to As an example, some registered URL's include:

We know that 75% of Australians now have regular access to the internet, and more than half of these use the internet primarily to research information, so we know that in the future...

If you are looking for a trombone teacher, perhaps some scuba diving lessons, the nearest horseriding school or just to hone your tennis skills...



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