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We are recruiting new teachers, from all over Australia, everyday!

Please check our website often as it is continually being updated.

To search for a cooking school, please select the cuisine style or cooking style you are interested in learning from the list below:

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 Does everyone have the ability to cook?

Yes, off course we do!

It's just a matter of investing a little time to understand the basics of cooking. Once you have mastered rudimentary cooking skills, a lifetime of culinary adventure awaits you.

SchoolsOn have listed a large variety of cooking schools, catering to all levels of cooking ability. The Cooking Schools are diverse in origin, ranging from purpose built facilities, restaurants, TAFE's, industrial kitchens, home kitchens, and even outdoor BBQ's. The teachers themselves range from chef's, well renowned foodies, home economists and food enthusiasts. What they all have in common is a desire to share their passion for food with you,

So please, learn to cook today, and remember, 'Life is in the Living'.

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